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Diesel Diaries

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I love adventure and getting in over my head, then trying to figure things out as I go. My first marathon was completed in 4:20 (hrs) with 8 hours notice and virtually no training. At least no running leading up to the race. I literally borrowed running shoes the night before. I do not recommend it. LOL Thank God I had two friends more crazy than me to do it with! I thrive in these situations and it makes for some great stories. For those unfamiliar with the running world, a marathon is 26.2 miles....

Fishing, hunting, cycling, running, swimming or anything else that comes along and presents a challenge both physically and mentally are all on the agenda in my world. I never know whats next and I love it that way. I love the people I meet as a result of these experiences. Although more often than not I'm "riding" solo (I actually prefer solo most of the time) - It's hard to find people with the same mindset (or the same insanity). Some of my best thinking is done alone in the outdoors. Most people don't know that I'm pretty much a loner. (I also LOVE my down time and just relaxing once I've beat myself into submission) When I do cross paths with the right people the bonds that are created are second to none and I cherish them. I've been fortunate to have many of these experiences with some great humans over the past couple decades as a professional cyclist and in my other hobbies. That being said, I get asked a lot by people in the "general population" why I catch a fish to let it go? Why do you ride your bike the way you do? Why do you run if it hurts? First off, why not?? In those moments it's hard to explain it in a way that adequately conveys the raw passion and emotion created during those outings - hence this blog. The words are in my head, usually just after I have just destroyed my body on a bike ride or risked my life in open sea's to catch a fish. I just need to put them somewhere. Here seems like a good place.

There're many parallels when it comes to my adventures and life. Like overcoming obstacles and challenges, facing fears head on, failing forward, getting up after falling (I fall a lot) and on and on. I've spent the the past 10+ years of my life on a quest to become the best me I can be - It hasn't been pretty but it has be amazing and for the past three years I've had some major aha moments that I wouldn't have discovered had I not started way back when. Working on myself, looking deep within and learning from my mistakes is the single most important part of my life. There's more to my physical drive than riding bikes fast or catching big fish. It's about becoming a better version of me everyday and surrounding myself with people that have the same mindset. If you've been on this journey with me at all (there have been many mentors, consolers, friends, etc.) I consider you part of this.

I was a writer for a small mountain bike magazine called Dirt Rag. I've always enjoyed writing and seem to have a decent grip on the English language so I'm going to start communicating my experiences here. I hope you get a taste of some of the excitement through my words and pictures. It is also my hope that I can capture some of the growth that I've experienced along the way and put it into words. Maybe you're reading now and I've already gotten your attention?? Maybe this is just for me? Well, stay tuned - We're going somewhere fun, exciting and a little dangerous at times! Just not sure where yet.....

Schwinn Diesel AKA "Schwinny"

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